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European Canal and River Cruises Home

European Canal and River Cruises Home

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Castles in the Sky
If it has always been a dream to cruise the rivers and canals of France visiting those relics of yesteryear, the medieval castles, dream no longer.
Click here. We can make your dream come true.

European Canal and River Cruises Home
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Wine Making and Wine Tasting

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French vineyardThe wine making industry of France is a national treasure, and no lover of fine wine would consider visiting France without sampling the world class wines that are produced there. Many of the vineyards grow along canals and rivers, so hotel barges offer a unique opportunity to view wine making up close (and to sample the wine even closer!).

French river cruises explore some of the most fabled wine making regions of France. Burgundy is a popular choice for cruise travelers, and a trip through the region includes such stops as Dijon and Beaune, Burgundy's wine capital.


Vin Ordinaire

Out of the Ordinary
river and canal cruises of Europe are far from ordinary. Whether on the water or on the land we will make your European vacation extraordinary.

While the true wine connoisseur fully appreciates the world class wines France produces, there's also the appeal of the "vin ordinaire," the wine served in the bistros and bars of France. After a lengthy medieval castle tour, a glass of vin ordinaire in a bistro is a great way to relax.


Medieval Castles

Medieval castles of France
Vineyards dot the countryside in France, but it's the medieval castles that dominate the landscape. Built for defense, French castles reflect the history of a violent past—and a castle tour brings home that point. But castles were also hubs of society, not to mention the final destination of many of those fine wines we were just talking about, and a castle tour will introduce you to a way of life long since past.



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The medieval castles eventually evolved into the more modern chateaux, where you're more likely to find accompanying vineyards. Many of the older French vineyards are associated with monasteries—most of the local lords were more interested in drinking the wine than producing it! As the chateau replaced the castle and country gentlemen replaced feudal lords, chateau owners began producing their own wine.


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