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European Canal and River Cruises Home

European Canal and River Cruises Home

European Canal and River Cruises Home

European Canals and Rivershelp

European Canal and River Cruises Home

Canals and Rivers


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European Canal and River Cruises

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Only the Finest
This is true whether you're talking about river barges or the fine French wines you'll enjoy on board and when touring French chateaux and their vineyards. After all, you deserve only the finest.
Find the best right here.

European Canal and River Cruises Home
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The Luxury of a River Cruise

Luxury dining in a Hotel Barge loungeThe abundant tourist attractions and appeal of the European rivers are obvious, but what can you expect when you board your hotel barge for a river cruise? Barges come equipped with lounges, saloons and dining areas. Dinners are elaborate four or five course affairs, served with the best French wine. Planned tours are often included, whether the tour is a mini-bus trip through the local countryside or a walking tour of a French wine making region.

Safety is always a consideration when planning a trip. When you choose a river cruise, you're escorted every step of the way by a considerate crew. Your safety and comfort is their responsibility as long as you tour the European rivers with them.


Size Matters

Europe in Style
Who would want to tour seven countries in five days when the opportunity to relax and enjoy the scenery of Europe's rivers is available?
Find out more about Europe's river and canal cruises.

The size and variety of barges cruising European rivers is remarkably varied. The largest—plying the larger rivers, can hold up to 90 passengers. Smaller barges average between 20 and 30 passengers. For more private voyages, barges that hold six to ten passengers are perfect for a family vacation.


DIY Barging

If you prefer more independence, or don't fancy sharing your holiday with strangers, you might consider skippering your own barge. Most self-skippered barges hold five to six passengers. You can pick from a number of travel itineraries, and help is always only a phone call away.

Self-skippered barges travel at a sedate 5 mph, so they are easy to use and navigate. Your travel itinerary takes you through calm, gentle waterways, so the experience is as safe as it is thrilling.

The galley of a self-skippered barge is well stocked with all the equipment, food and French wine you need to prepare your own meals, and you are provided with extensive information on the best restaurants and attractions on your route. It's an adventure you'll never forget!


More About
European River Cruises

The Canals and Rivers: Find out why Europe's river and canal system has so much to offer.

The Vineyards: Let the chateaux enchant you, and the wines delight you.

Life on Board: Experience the best mix of the casual, the adventurous, and the luxurious.

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