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European Canal and River Cruises Home

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It's the Cheese!
Californians may think they have it made when it comes to cheese, but nothing compares to gouda cheese from Gouda. Any Holland canal cruise is incomplete without a taste of REAL gouda.
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European Canal and River Cruises Home
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A Europe River Cruise

The tranquil canals of EuropeEurope—the very name conjures images of luxury, elegance and history. And if you're going to travel surrounded by elegance and luxury, why not travel in elegance and luxury?

A Europe river cruise offers relaxation and luxury combined. How better to view the springtime tulips in Holland, or a French chateau than from the comfort of a hotel barge where your every need is attended to?

Holland Tulips and Springtime Cruises

Tiptoe Through
The Tulips
We'll take you to Holland where you can tiptoe, stroll or even dance through the tulips! Enjoy these beauties on a springtime river cruise of Holland.
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France may be the big attraction for Europe river cruises, with its famous vineyards and the allure of the French chateaux, but it isn't the only destination. If you're planning a Europe river cruise in the springtime, consider a Holland tulips cruise. In Holland, tulips rule the countryside between March and May, blooming along canals, in parks—in fact, pretty much everywhere! You can't rival Holland in the spring for sheer beauty and color.

Gouda Cheese

When you think of Holland, tulips are probably the first things that come to mind, and then windmills, and the remarkable engineering of the Holland dike system. And then, of course, there's Gouda Cheese.

While a French chateau and its accompanying vineyards are what you look for when you cruise France, any cruise to Holland during tulip season is incomplete without stopping in at Gouda. Gouda cheese stands out as one of the finest cheeses in the world. You can tour the factories that produce the cheese, and sample the product itself.




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European River Cruises

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The Vineyards: Let the chateaux enchant you, and the wines delight you.

Life on Board: Experience the best mix of the casual, the adventurous, and the luxurious.

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How to Cruise

Whether you choose Holland or France, how you spend your time on your cruise is entirely up to you. You can be active every day should you choose—touring French chateaux, wandering through fields of Holland tulips, or wine tasting in famous vineyards. Or, you can relax on board, watching the countryside slide slowly by from the sundeck, or even pampering yourself in the spa. It's your choice.


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