European Canal and River Cruises Home

European Canal and River Cruises Home

European Canal and River Cruises Home

European Canals and Rivershelp

European Canal and River Cruises Home

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European Canal and River Cruises

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Privacy Please!
From private cabins to private tours of French chateaux, we take your desire for privacy seriously. Avoid the noisy crowds of tourists on board and on land with a luxury river cruise. Click here for more information or listen to our ad being aired at

Luxury European Cruises
European Canal and River Cruises Home
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European river cruises allow you to travel through France, Holland or Belgium without the hassles of road travel or packing.

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Click here for a free quote!Luxury ocean cruises are wonderful, but they allow little opportunity for you to truly explore a country. Often you're lucky if the tours they offer leave the port you docked in. To truly experience a country you have to spend time there—but that often involves road time, and driving the roads of Europe can be anything but relaxing.

European River Cruises
Why not try something different? European river cruises allow you to travel through France, Holland or Belgium without the hassles of road travel or packing. Whether you're taking walking tours of vineyards or exploring a French Chateau, your cabin is your home for the trip.

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French Chateaux

French chateaux are popular tourist attractions for the European traveler, and as such, tours of a chateau can be noisy, crowded affairs, quite at odds with the beauty and elegance of the chateau. Taking this into account, many European river cruises organize private tours of the French chateaux they visit. Often these private tours are led by the chateau owners themselves.

Walking Tours

Life onboard a hotel barge is luxuriant and relaxing, with elegant four course dinners and lunch buffets. There's something wonderfully decadent about drinking your morning coffee on deck as you watch the countryside unfold before your eyes. But you should also plan to explore the local attractions (and work off those four course meals!), which is why hotel barges offer a wide range of walking tours for their guests.

You walk at your own pace, seeing the attractions that you want to see. And, of course, at the end of the day there's another remarkable dinner on board, to give you the energy you'll need for the next trip. Most barges also provide bicycles for your use. Why not arrange to have the staff pack you a picnic lunch and go cycling through the French countryside?



More About
European River Cruises

The Canals and Rivers: Find out why Europe's river and canal system has so much to offer.

The Vineyards: Let the chateaux enchant you, and the wines delight you.

Life on Board: Experience the best mix of the casual, the adventurous, and the luxurious.

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Safe and Sound
When we plan your European canal cruise, you'll have peace of mind knowing that your comfort and safety are our top priorities. Click here for details.


Walking Tours
Allow You To:

Tour French chateaux.

Explore country villages.

Enjoy wine tasting at famous vineyards.

Go shopping in local markets and check out presale condo assignments in Vancouver (homepage).

Explore castles and fortresses.

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